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Monday, 10 September 2012


I think I have never cried more than today. I just feel like my whole world is falling apart. To some, it may sound silly, but this means so unbelievable much to me.
I was planning to go to Germany with a lot of other directioners in a bus, when One Direction was going to sign a lot of fans - and I was sooo happy! I just thought, this is it. That is the day I am going to be maybe in the same ROOM as them. But no. I was so sure that my mother would give me the permission, but she said no! Fucking NO. I was smiling like a complete idiot when I was telling her about the trip - but there it was - NO. My eyes got all teary and I just ran back in the sofa and cried like never before. But, no it didn't help - and here I am - a crying wreck, eight hours after the "no."
Thank you for listening, I just had to tell someone how I feel.
This is NOT what my eyes look like right now (but well, it is my eye),
this is an old photo. Right now they're nothing like that.

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  1. God blog!
    vil du tjekke min ud?
    www.michellebentzenbloggersdelight.dk :-)