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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Page 4-5 - A secret agent

You'll have to wait for page 2-3, because before I can finish those pages I need some ink for my printer.. so I'll just show you page 4-5!
This is what the pages look like:

The reason why I blurred the blue text is that it's some text from
 the next page and I can't show you yet.
Well, I guess you're confused now?
Okay, I shouldn't really show this to anyone, but because you are reading my blog, I will show you the cut-out from page 5 ...
It says:
This is a Secret Agent *
Instructions: Give This is not
a book some kind of disguise to
hide its identity.
* Dispose of this note after reading.
Don't tell anyone about this! ;-)
It made me do this to the "book" which is not even a book.. but well, now it is.
And now I will dispose of the note!

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