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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Page 43-44 - A Set of Directions

This is something that everyone can do - also without the book.

1. Get a writing utensil

2. Choose a starting point
3. Draw a straight line in any direction;
stop before you get to the edge of the page

4. Draw a curvy line in the opposite direction

5. Add a square. Color it it.
6. From one of the corners of the square draw a dotted line on a diagonal.
About two inches long.
7. At the end of the dotted line draw a circle.

8. Inside the circle write the name of the last person you spoke to.
9. From the circle draw a line to one of the corners of the page.

10. Fold the corner down and color it in.

11. From that corner draw a very fat line to the middle of the page.

12. Draw the moon here.

13. Sign your name.

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