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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Page 33 - Scavenger Hunt

A seed pod

The definition of a word I don't know

A puzzle
A secret code: MTME
And you won't get to know what it means, because it's a secret.
And that girl is one of my best friends, Stephanie.
A scientific theorem
I don't know what it is.. so well isn't this a mathematical theorem?
No, okay forget about that. :(
Something red: A christmas hat
Something that was alive: My classmate, Morten. Santa killed him.
A map
A food note, bahaha

Something that was lost
This is Jesper. You never know where he is, therefore - he was lost.

A piece of thread
A ticket stub - To a One Direction concert in Hamburg, yay!

Something with a circle on it
A palindrome
And this.. this is just some Cousins from Katamari.
Just to make you happy, because it's christmas.

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